You were wild once

No matter how many changes we go through (and in a lifetime we go through a lot), it’s important to remember the true essence of who we are.  How we are gently wild in our own unique way.

I can feel the tides shifting in my own life right now: I’m getting married and starting on a new journey with a partner I love.  I know there will be challenging times ahead as well as times that make my heart swell with happiness, but through it all, I want to remember who I am and not get lost in the who I should be, or who others think I should be.

It’s a daily challenge to be true to myself, but if I can remember my motivation (be helpful to others, be creative, keep growing into who I am) then it’s not so hard to stay the course.  It’s almost like remembering your own theme song–right now, this is mine.



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