I have a series of paintings I like to call ‘the girls’.  Fittingly, they are all of different types of girls, each with a unique background and sentiment.  I remember the first time I painted one–I had been religiously going to my abstract art class on Monday nights and because of that, I had quite a few abstract canvases painted.  But no matter how much time I spent on each one, they always felt unfinished.

One Saturday afternoon I got a drop cloth, all of my art supplies and set up camp in the middle of my living room.  I took one of my abstract backgrounds and started adding a character, that would become the first in the girl’s series.  But right before I started, I had a feeling of excitement and then,  “what if I mess it up?”  Even though I wanted to try something new, I was still having those creative doubts of screwing something up that was just ok.

Then after I started, things just began to flow.  I let go of my expectations and just focused on enjoying the process.  I added collage papers, more paint, stamps and I drew freehand on the canvas–it was so much fun.  When I stopped trying so hard, that’s when things started to come together.

Here is the result of that session, her name is Gracie:

Her heart fluttered

And this is where the girls began.  I have loved creating each one so much!  You can see them all here in my etsy shop.  There are currently a few in progress and I plan to keep making them until it isn’t fun anymore.  All of the sentiments come from gentle sayings my mom used to tell me growing up and they always made me feel better.   I want to share them with others who may need to hear these things, too.

be kind to yourself
Love Who You Are
Be gentle


I’ve been posting all of the girls on my social media sites and using the hashtag #whosyourgirl to show everyone the faces and what each girl has to say.  Pop over to Facebook or Instagram and check it out!  And if you choose a favorite, please tag me, I would love to know who your girl is.

Love, Steph


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