Who Are You: Getting Started

We all get busy in our lives; sometimes so busy that we forget what we’re doing and why we’re doing itWaking up everyday, doing the same routine–does this sound familiar?

inspiringWhen you’re young you have all of these amazing dreams: join the Peace Corps! Hike the Grand Canyon! Become a millionaire before 30! The options are endless; it’s easy to dream big because you’re so far from actually doing them yet, it feels natural to be outrageous about it.

Then you enter your twenties: societal pressures kick in, you jump on the treadmill of life and start running. A few main goals may be finding that perfect job, apartment (or house) and partner.  Before you know it, 10 years have passed and you’re having a panic attack about those once lofty dreams that now have no place in the reality of your every day.

Our lives surround us so tightly that sometimes we forget to take a moment and regroup. 

What happened to your inspiration?

What are the promises you made to yourself that you forgot to keep?

Your purpose is the path. Let’s think about that.

Purpose and role can often overlap.  We choose roles (most of the time) and we seek purpose through them.  Mother, wife, CEO, landscaper, artist, bagel maker, whatever it is, it’s important to think about why you chose that role and try to focus on the inspiration of that throughout your day.


Because everything that has ever been created started as a thought and inspiration is the foundation of those thoughts.   When you are inspired (or “in spirit”) you are available to other options, other ways of seeing life.  This inspired thinking can provide the opportunity to change direction and bring what you truly desire into your life.

The art of becoming yourself is just that–an art. There are no rules, there are no boundaries. It is a lifelong experiment with you in the driver’s seat.

When in doubt, remember this: thoughts become things.  What are you thinking about?  How can you bring some of those good thoughts into your everyday life?


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