Link Love + Slowing Down

Lately Around here

This weekend I tried to slow down.  Sounds easy enough, right? But for someone who’s constantly on the go, making lists, checking things twice, it can be a real challenge.  I know that slowing down is the best thing for me to do, especially when I start to feel overwhelmed.

There are some big changes on the horizon (all good!) and I am trying to take each lovely step as it comes to just enjoy the process.  I know I need time to regroup and re-organize to be better for myself and for the ones around me, so it’s a good practice to keep coming back to.

Here’s a little view of my life lately:

Living out of bags.  This looks ridiculous, even to me.

Bags bags bags

This is something I worked (and managed to finish!) this weekend during some slower times…

art scene

Let your joy give you wings

C + I woke up early to watch a sunrise.  It was still and quiet, except for the song birds (yay!)

Me and C


I love the panoramic view; this was such a great, slow way to start the day.  I find that when I observe nature, it calms me down and lulls me into a peaceful mood.

sunrise 3

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week: