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The 3 Best Places To Post Your Art Online

Click through and find out the 3 best places to post your art online to get more views!

The World Wide Web is one big crazy place, isn’t it?  It can be difficult to figure out where the best place is to post your art online because there are just so many options. There are so many new social media sites popping up everyday (I’m talking to you snap), that it can be a bit confusing.  And when it comes to promoting your work–you want to make sure you’re putting effort into the right channel, so others will see it.

I’ve played around with quite a few social media sites and learned that it’s impossible to be everywhere.  When I started out, I signed up for 5 of them at once (!) and trying to juggle all of them at the same time was exhausting.  There’s just too much work involved in keeping up with multiple profiles; I learned it’s better to focus on just a few to see more engagement.  That way I can actually enjoy posting my work and making connections with others along the way.

In my experience, these are the 3 best places to post your art online:


This is by far the best place to post your art online to be seen by others.  Are you surprised?  I was too.  I thought Pinterest was just for recipes and DIY posts.  #hellno.   Not only is the Pinterest world a feast for the eyes (which is a bonus when posting art), but it’s also an amazingly HUGE search engine that will direct people to your site like hotcakes.  Seriously.  All you need is to create an eye catchy graphic and throw that baby up there for everyone to see.

Not sure how to pin something?  I got you covered.  After signing into an account at pinterest.com, just follow the steps below:

Pinterest's instructions on how to post your art online to their site

If you need a little example of what I’m talking about, you can see my boards and pins on Pinterest here.

Sign up for my free resource library made for creatives like you!


Instagram is my favorite of the three platforms because of it’s simple, visual nature.  Most people gravitate to Instagram because it’s basically nice to look at!  And there’s a short learning curve to getting your image seen which is a total win for beginners.  Instagram is used mostly as a mobile app so you can post when you’re in action which is great for a creative profile–you can show behind the scenes shots, works in progress and some of your favorite supplies.

The key to Instagram is to use a few hashtags in the comments of your post to attract your audience, since that’s how people search for what they’re interested in.  And I love my Instagram feed because it’s full of profiles that I personally choose so it’s exactly what I’m interested in seeing.

Here are the simple steps to post to Instagram.com after you sign up for an account:

Simple steps to post your art online to Instagram

You can check out my Instagram Profile here.

Personal Blog

When you have your own space on the web to display your work, it’s easy to connect to social media for increasing followers.  When I started thinking about creating this blog, I thought it sounded a lot more complicated than it actually is.  It was a matter of figuring out how involved I wanted to be–wordpress is a little more complicated to maintain than a site like Squarespace which is basically a site in a box.  (It all depends on how much control you want.)

Anyway, when you have a personal blog, you can post all of your work there and then link to social media to get more views.  For example, here are three ways I do this on the blog: Art in progress, Quick Inspiration and New Art.  Each of these categories show my work in different ways and I have total control of how my art is displayed so it’s a no brainer.

I hope this helped you get motivated to share your work, it’s important to get it out there!  What’s your favorite place to post your art online?  Come on over to the FB Group and tell us.

Love, Steph

P.S. Posting your art online can be as simple as creating an eye-catching graphic and posting it where your tribe hangs out.  Need help creating the graphic but not sure where to start?  My course, Create In Canva is just for you.

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5 Social Media Graphic Elements That Will Attract Your Creative Tribe

Click through to learn the 5 Social Media Graphic Elements

Click through to learn the 5 Social Media Graphic Elements

I love creating graphics but doing this might feel like learning a new language for you. I totally get it!

I want to help you out with a few design hacks that can make creating these little artsy graphics easier.  So whether you make the designs for fun for your social media profiles or for promoting your blog/artwork, you’ll feel good about what you’re putting out there.  It’s not as hard as it might seem, so let’s get to it!

Simplify the text you use.

Remember the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well friend, let that be your mantra when you’re deciding what to say in your visual.  There’s nothing worse than a cluttered graphic that you can’t read!  And besides, you don’t need to tell your viewer everything in the graphic, it’s just to whet their appetite.

Best practice is to use text that contrasts with the background (and not a lot of it): use light text on dark backgrounds or dark text on light backgrounds.  If you stick to the title, it will make your reader curious for more and hopefully they will click through.


Click through to get access to my free library of helpful tools, including this worksheet on how to create a good graphic!

Use pictures to tell your story.

How to add an isolation coat to your mixed media painting. Use this technique to protect your artwork!There are so many ways to say something, especially with graphic images.  Use your imagination and create different ways to send your message!

Experiment with quote visuals (overlaying a quote on a background of your own art or a picture you took) or flatlay pictures of items that link to your message.

Do whatever feels fun and right to you–if you put your heart into the message others will feel that and will want to share it. That’s how you create fans. 🙂


Keep the message clear.

We're all tender, be kind. Click through for 3 easy ways to get into the kindness mindset.

Don’t you hate when you get overwhelmed on a blog post from too much information and just click off? Yeah, me too.

Don’t bombard your audience with a lot of thoughts or actions–stick to one simple principle and it will be much more memorable.   And if you’re not sure what you want to say, here are 3 easy options to use that will get people thinking about you without scaring them away:

-Offer a solution to a problem

-Show them how to do something

-Tell a relateable story


Show them who you are.

My defunct studio

A picture of my defunct studio that I shared on my blog.

Don’t be afraid to get personal!  Everyone loves a peek behind the scenes to get to know the ‘real’ you.  Show them your funny/silly/weird side and they will love you even more.  Let that freak flag fly, girl!

Are you an artist?  Show a picture of a work in progress or of your messy studio.  Are you a designer?  Show them how you come up with your ideas before they look perfectly staged.

Everyone is a secret hot mess inside!  If you show your audience a little of that messy side, they will relate to you even more.

Be Consistent.

If you want to attract people to your home online, create a style that they can recognize.  The best way to go about this is to pick 4 or 5 colors and 2 or 3 fonts, and use them consistently in your graphics.  If you scroll through pinterest, you will recognize people just based on the images they post– they usually have a similar style with variations in color and information.  Their consistent branding method is a great way to get recognized!

Click through to get access to my free library of helpful tools, including this worksheet on how to create a good graphic!Love, Steph



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Edit Less and Be More. {And my 7 personal confessions.}

get real

Here are some facts about me you won’t know from reading my blog:

  • Even though I’m a certified health coach, sometimes I have cheese and crackers with spicy mustard for dinner.  And a coke.
  • I have so many emails to open that I’ve just been ignoring them, hoping they magically disappear.
  • My car is a disaster.  Seriously, it looks like a homeless person lives out of it.
  • When I’m not getting enough sleep, I get VERY cranky so watch out.
  • One of my biggest fears is not feeling fulfilled in life (I want to travel more extensively, have a baby, find my true purpose).
  • Rudeness makes me mental.  If you’re going to be self-involved around me and act like a jerk, don’t be surprised if I ignore you.
  • Toilet humor always make me laugh.  The grosser the better.

Why am I telling you these lovely tidbits?  Because I want to remind you that things aren’t always what they seem.  What we post online and who we are in everyday life can often seem like two different worlds.

It’s human nature to want to show our best selves, but underneath the facade we know there’s more to the story. That’s the part of the story that needs to be told.

Everything has become so filtered, that it’s easy to forget that we are watching real people living real lives.  There’s so much that exists beyond the images and words but it’s hard to see when everything looks so ‘perfect’.

You know what I’m talking about–the wittily crafted facebook posts, the texts that have been edited 10 times before sending, those perfectly worded emails–sometimes they’re just so exhausting to read because they present that beautiful, wart-free scenario.  I don’t know about you, but it can make me feel jealous and inadequate (among others things).  But I know this much is true:  No one’s life is that perfect all of the time. 

We censor ourselves in everyday life too—we say yes when we want to say hell no, we laugh when we want to scream and we bite our tongue rather than give our friend some tough love.

We don’t show the ugly hair days or the burnt birthday cake.  We don’t think people want to see those things because they’re messy and un-done.  But in reality, they are true and relatable.

And they’re real.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand there are times when it’s appropriate to play along; it makes life easier to show the fun stuff and the pretty pictures.  And life can be tough sometimes, so it’s nice to see and hear about happy things.

But most of the time, we sensor ourselves because we’re afraid to rock the boat, we don’t want to be called out, or we’re just plain lazy to do anything else.  It’s easier to go with the flow, but in the long run that just wears you down in a different way.

Too much editing from your life will remove the depth; without depth, you become boring.

If you’re constantly editing yourself, who are people getting to know?  And how are you feeling about that persona you’re creating?

Even though you can send a text or email and edit it to say exactly what you want it to say, I encourage you to edit less and be more.  Show us who you really are.  I have a feeling it’s pretty great.


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