Link Love and Pictures {Week ending July 28}

It started as an impromptu morning drive along the coast and soon C and I found ourselves rocking out on the carousel in Seaside Heights, NJ.  We couldn’t resist a nostalgic turn on this piece of history; it was so much fun!

I remember riding the carousel in Asbury Park as a kid and was psyched when I reached for the golden ring and actually got it!  Such sweet memories.


And what’s a visit to the Seaside boardwalk unless you stroll by the Shore Store where the crew from “Jersey Shore” worked?  The t-shirts there had some hysterical sayings on them!  Our last stop on the tour was for some good ol’ fashioned fudge and candy from the sweet shop.


I rounded out the weekend with the GavinDeGraw/The Script/Train concert with my sister.  We took a gamble with lawn seats and even though it rained most of the time (see the before and after pics below) we had a blast.  It was jam packed!


Link Love

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