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Unfold Your Own Myth

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We must choose our own path + create our own stories, yes?  It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, especially if it’s working for them.  But that isn’t our story.

In order to find our own way in our lives, we must be brave and forge roads that matter to us.  We must seek out the ones that we are curious about, even if they are a bit off the beaten track.  Even if they seem like a myth.

Make trails, friend.  Follow your heart.

Love, Steph





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Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about

We are all artists creating our life. What are you intentionally manifesting today? Click through for other quick inspiration.

We are all artists in our own way, creating everyday.  Whether we realize it or not, each word, action + thought is moving us closer or farther away from what we want.

Inside you there really is an artist.

And I know this idea can be scary because it makes us realize that we are the master of our universe–taking responsibility for things that happen in life can be a tough pill to swallow!  But if we start looking at it like an amazing gift, to be able to navigate our own destiny, it becomes pretty exciting.

What are you creating in your life today?






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Sing Like The Birds

Rumi birds

Rumi is such an amazing poet! Everything he wrote really speaks to my heart. I turn to him whenever I need a little inspiration and he never disappoints.

I’m going remember to sing more like the birds–enjoying my place in the world, feeling free + joyous.





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