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Be Seen.

Click through to get this free inspirational printable PDF, Be Seen!

Here’s a free printable PDF for you, Be Seen.

Do you want an 8×10 hi resolution copy of this inspirational piece that you can print out and frame for yourself (or a friend)?  Just click here and you’ll get access to my resource library that includes this freebie and a bunch of other juicy stuff I know you’ll like.

Love, Steph

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Ever Since Happiness Heard Your Name…


I love this quote with all of my heart.  It’s so hopeful + calming–a good reminder that I have to do very little to actually be quite happy.

I want to tattoo it on my forehead as a reminder that happiness is always chasing me down, looking for me so it can gently perch on my shoulder.  Yes.

Happiness is always looking for you, too!





Ever Since Happiness Heard Your Name…2018-03-29T20:23:08-04:00
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