Getting To Know You + Me: Three Things

Getting To Know You + Me

This series is about getting to know you + me.  It’s a reflection of sorts to help you get to know yourself better (and I’m going to share, too!)  When we know ourselves better, it’s easier for others to know us, too, and that creates stronger bonds + connections.  As a result, we feel happier.

Here’s how it works:  I’ll be posting a question here on the blog and you can share your answer in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #gettingtoknowyouandme .  The cool part is that you can use the hashtag to find others on the same journey.  Who knows?  You may make a new friend.

Below is the first prompt for our journey together:

Getting To Know You + Me

Three things that I’m really great at are:

1) Keeping my cool in a hairy situation.  For some reason, when chaos hits, I’m the girl you want by your side.  Ever since I was young, time seems to slowdown when I’m in dicey predicaments and it allows me to think clearly.  Strange, but true.

2) Seeing the positive side in anything.  This mostly comes from my mom who was such a positive person–she always was able to look on the bright side of things, no matter what the situation was.  I’m happy to say I’ve gotten that talent from her and it’s helped me so much throughout my life.  Because it really does all work out in the end, right?

3) Remembering where things are in a total mess.  I admit it–I’m not the neatest person.  BUT, I can tell you exactly where things are in a total hurricane of an area.  I don’t know if this is a good thing because it doesn’t inspire me to become neater (ha!) but it’s a skill I’ve always had.

So there it is, easy peasy.  I hope you join along!  And don’t forget to share on social media–I want to see what you’re up to: #gettingtoknowyouandme