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Link Love + A Feast

I am constantly baffled by the colors that nature creates!  I think I captured some of the last vibrant, fall hues; when I was driving this morning, I was sad to see the leaves are turning brown and dropping from the trees.  If I painted a picture like the one below, the colors would look fake, and yet here they are…


This weekend I had dinner with C and friends at Porta.  We went to a feast called, “Hail to the Truffle” and it was delicious bites of food garnished in one way or another with….you guessed it–the truffle.  It was a relaxed vibe with fun people.

Porta feast

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

Art or Not?  Either way, I’m a huge fan of Shepard Fairey.

First world problems: Life in the Digital Now.

Is organic food too expensive for your budget?  Here are some tips to make the change.

I’m really pumped to see this movie.  Do you have an opinion on GMOs?

Unknown art works by masters have been discovered.  They were stolen by the Nazis and recovered in fairly good shape.  The question is: who owns them now?





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Link Love and Pictures {And some perfect weather.}

I don’t know about you, but here in NJ, we had an amazing weekend of weather–hot during the day and cool at night.  I love that feeling in the summer when I can sleep with the windows open and it’s cool enough to need a blanket.  Isn’t life is grand?

This is a pretty cool drumming circle that happens every week in Asbury. I loved their slogan: “Where the beat meets yer feet”.

drumming circle

Pizza + C + boardgames = FUN!

porta 2

Liz from the Buttered Biscuit and some beautiful people from the Styling Company.

porta 1

 Link Love

 Have you heard the buzz about the cicadas?  The “magicicadas”  are coming above ground after 17 years and they’re  seen only in the eastern half of the United States, nowhere else in the world.

I can get lost on this Humans of New York website for hours.  They tell simple and quick stories about people living their life in the Big Apple.

The whole concept of epigenetics is fascinating to me.  Here’s an article on why your DNA is not your destiny.

This is a very cool article about Rick Rubin and his creative process in general, and more recently as he worked on Kanye West’s most recent album “Yeezus”.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?  C and I are planning an adventure to visit the city of brotherly love and even though I went to school right outside of Philly, I’d love to hear about  your favorite spots in the comments below.



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