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5 Organization Ideas That Boost My Creativity

5 Organization Ideas That Boost My Creativity

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I have a few organization ideas up my sleeve that I use in order to get my creativity flowing.  Because although I like to think I can just sit down at any  moment and churn out some awesome creative pieces, there’s usually a few steps I have to take to get to that point; I’m guessing you’re the same way. #amiright?

And I don’t know about you, but life often has a tendency to interrupt me juuuuust when I’m getting into a flow of creativity.  It can be really hard to pick up where I left off, so I use a few jedi mind tricks to keep my productivity + creativity flowing.

Make space to create:

I try to consistently set aside time when I know I can create (9am/3 days a week for at least 30 minutes).  It seems so simple, right?  Since I have a baby under 1, those times are often interrupted or eliminated, but it helps to know that I am at least trying and that I have the time set aside just for my creative whims.  He won’t be a baby forever and I want to try to stick to the habit of consistently showing up for the work–I know if I can get my body there, my mind will follow.  And if I’m organized about it, I get even better results.

Get prepared:

I keep supplies easily accessible so that I can take advantage of a free 20 minute block.  I recently bought mini versions of a few of my most used supplies and store them in a totebag, so I can take it anywhere.

The supplies include:

  • A multi-media sketch pad
  • small box of favorite markers, pens and a few paint brushes
  • a small water palette
  • wax crayons (I can use them for heavy vibrant marks or create a watercolor effect from them)
  • gel medium
  • scraps of paper for collage

5 Organization Ideas That Help Me Be More Creative

This way I can create very easily without setting up a lot of stuff.  It has taken the pressure off of needing to only create in my studio because in the past, that’s where all of the supplies were.

Capture images as I go:

I try to take a lot of pictures and document what I do so I can use the images as backgrounds for social media graphics or add to posts later (especially when it’s an art in progress post!)

I try to take photos of everyday life that I know would make a nice background for my blog posts or social media graphics, too.   And the simpler the better–it doesn’t have to be a fancy picture, just something easy on the eyes and in focus always works great.  And don’t worry about needing some fancy equipment.  I take the pictures with my phone!  Most phones have a pretty amazing camera these days so I just use a lot of natural light and get snapping.

Simplify with batching (best organization idea hack):

I try to batch create when at all possible.  If I’m creating a graphic for a social media post or a blog post, I try to create a few at a time, even if it means I’m not going to use them right away.  I have a file folder in my dropbox (more on that below) that is literally labeled “not used yet” and it’s where I keep some images and graphics for future use.  It’s a total time saver!

“I love wasting time,” said no one, ever.

I create paintings in batches as well.  When I’m working on a piece, I usually have a few in rotation that I can go to when one is drying, that way I’m always working on something.  It not only helps keep the creative flow going, but I’m getting a lot done rather than sitting and watching paint dry (literally.)

Store images in a cloud:

Dropbox is my best friend.  There is a free version, but I pay for the monthly version because it gives me a lot more space.  I can access that sweet drive from anywhere!  Not only do I have it on my laptop, but I have it on my phone and I can immediately upload the pictures I take.  It makes creating social media graphics sooooo easy and fast.  Organizing everything into folders also helps keep everything in order and makes the images simple to use.

I don’t assume I’ll remember:

Here’s a simple but powerful organization idea: I try to write any good ideas down when they come up.  Not only do I have an app that will capture inspiration when it strikes (Hello my love, Google Keep) but I also carry around a small moleskine in my purse to make notes or sketches when they pop into my head.  It’s nothing fancy, it’s just to jot things down because sometimes the perfect idea comes to me when I’m in the shower.  You too? 🙂

Hope these ideas are helpful to you–here’s to being more creative!

Love, Steph


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Getting To Know You + Me: What Part Of Your Life Do You Want To Change The Most?

Getting To Know You + Me

This series is about getting to know you + me.  It’s a reflection of sorts to help you get to know yourself better (and I’m going to share, too!)  When we know ourselves better, it’s easier for others to know us, too, and that creates stronger bonds + connections.  As a result, we feel happier.

Here’s how it works:  I’ll be posting a question here on the blog and you can share your answer in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #gettingtoknowyouandme .  The cool part is that you can use the hashtag to find others on the same journey.  Who knows?  You may make a new friend.

Getting To Know You + Me Change

My life is pretty great right now, but let’s face it people– there’s always room for improvement.  And Lord knows I could use a little help in a few areas, especially in the organization arena.  That’s something that I’d like to change the most in my life right now.

I’m pretty organized in my head, like I can remember a what drawer I put a certain shirt in last week, but it’s getting the shirt into the actual drawer part that trips me up.  Yup, I’m one of those messy people.

I remember the first time my boss walked by my car after work–after getting a peek inside, he started hysterically laughing and pointing.  There were some canvases I was working on, my gym bag, paints strewn across the floor, a couple of books, various candy wrappers, I could go on and on.  He couldn’t believe that I was hiding such a sloppy side of myself so well from the world!  I don’t look like I’d be a messy person, but man, I can let things go like the best of them.  And you know what?  Him laughing at me like that was pretty embarrassing, but I’m actually kind of ok with that sloppy side of me.

That is, until it gets in the way of what I want to do, and then it drives me crazy.  And lately I’ve noticed my lack of organization + neatness is getting in the way of me being productive with my art.  I waste a lot of time searching for things I want to use in my studio that could very easily be at my fingertips if I were more organized.  Ugh.

So there you have it, I’d like to change being sloppy into being more organized.  I struggle with it–is it just a part of who I am?  Or am I being lazy?  I know when something keeps showing up and I always have the same reaction (annoyance, want to get rid of it, change it, etc) it’s time to take a deeper look.

I’m going to try to make getting more organized a priority this year.  We’ll see how it goes.  What are you looking to change in your life?  






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