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A New Year Doesn’t Have To Mean A New You.

Are you tired of resolutions? Me too. Don't reinvent a new you this year--learn to love yourself + others deeper for real fulfillment.

Last year, I took a week to unwind and relax during the holidays.  It was an amazing time to recharge and it reminded  me how much I have to be thankful for.  I had a lot of time to reflect on my past year: I got engaged, moved to a new home and started my art business.  It was exciting, to say the least.

During my down time, I loved to see how others reflect on their past and how they’re viewing their future, too.  As I read a lot of blogs and posts on the web, I saw the usual common theme: how to be better for next year.  There’s always the thought about the new year that we need to constantly improve + keep expanding ourselves in order to be good enough.  Create the new you. But for some reason this year, that thought hit me differently.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m really trying to cultivate more compassion for myself and others, or if it was simply a growth moment, but I felt a little sad about making changes for the new year.  I realized I don’t want to change myself so much this coming year; I kind of like who I am right now.  Because it’s all about being comfortable + trusting our choices, right?  And loving who we are in any given moment.

I’m learning to ride the waves of my life + accepting that there are always going to be challenges.   And I’m enjoying learning more about who I am becoming, without beating myself up about it along the way, especially when things don’t go to plan.

So this year I’m going to work on focusing more on the wonderful qualities of who I am, and how they help me get to where I want to go.  I’m going to love myself deeper.  I’m going to zone in on what is working, because I know that what I focus on, will grow.  And that change to be better everyone talks about?  It will happen naturally.

Because I don’t want to live that shame-based existence that come with failed new year’s resolutions.  I want to let go of that ever-looming pressure to always be more, do more + try harder; it ruins a lot of fun along the way. Things don’t always have to change to be good, I can just appreciate how my life is right now.  And  if I don’t ‘get it all done’, I’m not a failure.

Do you want to join me on this self-kindness march?  Tell me what action you’re going to take to be more accepting of yourself here. Can you extend this compassion + kindness to others as well?  That means letting people off the hook and accepting them for how they are.  Because we’re all ok as is, even when we don’t believe it ourselves.





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New Art: Joy To The World

I wanted to create a new piece for the holidays; something simple and happy that spoke to the heart of the season.  I really feel like joy is the underlying reason for most of the things we do.  And this is especially true around the holidays–all of the parties, gatherings + celebrations are about joy.  How can we get more?  How can we feel that unbridled joy?

But I’ve been trying to look at it differently this year: How can I give more joy?

How can I be more present and emotionally available to those I love?  Feeling joyful gets me there.  How can I truly feel the essence of this peaceful + holy time of year and share it with others?  Wishing joy for others is a good start.

I always find myself in a deep, reflective mood during this season, and it helps me focus on what is important–sharing moments, being still + feeling the love around me.  Along with the holidays comes the winter solstice, which I love too.  It reminds me it’s a time of deep renewal for my heart + mind.  It reminds me to keep seeking my true path.

Joy to the world

(new art available here)

“Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot.”
– Aristotle

And even though happiness + joy are a major part of the season, I notice the feeling of experiencing different levels of joy at different times.   I’m trying not to give in to the expectations of hitting that ecstatic crescendo everyone seeks during this time, but I try to enjoy more of the little moments; stringing these moments together are what add up to a special overall feeling for me. Remembering that the everyday joy has a magical quality.  And cherishing those quiet moments of inner peace and solitude that fill my heart.

I’m wishing you + your beloveds joy this holiday season.

Joy to the world, truly.



New Art: Joy To The World2018-03-29T20:23:13-04:00
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