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Want to get inspired? {Feel your way through it.}

Want to get inspired? Feel your way through it!
Want to get inspired? Click through to read 6 ways to feel your way through it.


As a kid, I would walk up and down the craft aisles of various stores and get this welling up feeling in my chest. I loved markers and different textured papers (still do!)  I loved the different kinds of pens and how they felt in my hand. I loved collage and mod podge and the smell of glue.  What I came to realize is that this is what it felt like when I was being inspired.

Being inspired (or ‘in spirit’ as it literally means) feels like a calling. It can be something as simple as cooking a fantastic meal for yourself,  helping your kid learn something new, or trying a new style of exercise.  Inspiration is the fuel that moves you forward.  Figuring out your inspirational muse can be tricky at times, but it’s so important to your ultimate happiness.

Because if you’re not living an inspired life, what are you doing?

When you’re inspired, you’re tapping into that well of magic that provides motivation, excitement and insight into the unfolding of what you love.  You may not be able to knock it out of the park everyday, but there will be an automatic zing to your step if you keep some basic things in mind:

Keep it simple.  Don’t complicate your life when you don’t have to. Keeping the basics in mind will help you appreciate the amazing things that living a simple life can bring.  That well can spring some seriously inspiring moments because you’re not bogged down with a lot of distractions and static noise.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude: when you are grateful, it’s easy to get inspired. Seeing someone in a wheelchair can kickstart that fitness regimen you’ve been meaning to try. Hearing about an untimely death can motivate you to pursue the opportunities that are in front of you right now.

Everyday is a clean slate.  Each day is a chance to start over and let go of those silly grudges.  When you change your attitude and your outlook, the things around you change as well because you’re seeing them through new eyes.

You become what you think about.  What are the thoughts that constantly run through your head?  Are you always worried or angry or scared?  (That’s not a great way to project an inspired state.)  Start thinking about things you love and what makes you feel good; love is the ultimate inspiration.

Date yourself.  Alone time is crucial to cultivating a life you are inspired by because reflection provides perspective and space for ‘aha’ moments.  Set up a weekly date when you can explore your interests and motivational thoughts.  And give yourself the gift of making this time non-negotiable.

Live right now.  Life can get very complicated when we’re living too far in the future or in the past.  Why drag yesterday’s junk into the present moment? Living now frees you to just be where you are.  I know it’s easier said than done, but viewing life from the rear view mirror or trying to predict the future can cause a lot of unnecessary angst and worry. And no one can feel inspired from that state.

You know you’re inspired when you get that light, elated feeling (I usually feel it in my chest.)  What inspires you these days?  How does it feel to you?



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5 Ways to stress less when the universe is messing with your mojo

Stress is such a buzz kill!  Click through to learn a few tips on how to stress less and get more out of life.
It started out as a relaxing morning; I was driving to the gym and wanted to make a quick stop to put some air in a suspiciously low tire.  I jumped out of the driver’s seat and the door clicked shut.  Like a pro, I filled the tire lickety split, grabbed the handle of the door to get back in… and the car was locked.

It wouldn’t have been such a big deal but, the car was still running.  Not to mention my money, ID and phone were hanging out on the seat.  And no, I didn’t accidentally lock the car, it locked on it’s own. (I swear!)  So much for shortcuts.

What was meant to be a happy productive day of exercise!  working on my blog! lunch with a friend! quickly turned into a stressful pain in the ass.  It was a total buzzkill.

It got me thinking–how can we prevent everyday stress from killing our mojo?  Daily stress  will always be there, it’s a part of life.  And sometimes stress is good, because it motivates us and keeps us moving.  But in this case?  It was a total bummer to get locked out! #nothelpful

So what should we do when over the top stress just plain sucks the life out of us? Here are some ideas on how to stress less:

  • Short of death and dismemberment, there are few things that can’t be fixed/undone/changed.  When in a stressful moment, taking a deep breath will help get things in perspective.   OR, do a jumping jack to get out of that crazed feeling in your head and get back to being present in your body.  Afterall, attitude determines altitude.  Using these tricks changed my thought to: “At least this happened when I have a flexible day so I don’t have to stress about screwing up a rigid schedule.”
  • Give in to the moment.  When we stress about things, it’s often a projection of what might happen in the future as a result of one bad occurrence.  Stay in the now so you don’t get all crazy about the future.
  • Ask for help.  God knows we’ve all had our share of stressful moments!  Asking for help always seems to take a little pressure off and it gives others a chance to feel good too.  Given the opportunity, I’ve found most people like to be helpful (and thanked!)
  • Loosen the grip.  Instead of waiting on line and being royally irked by the loud talker in front of me, I try to imagine her having a hearing problem (so she needs to talk louder) or I imagine her as a little girl that was bullied (she just wants to be heard).  A little compassion can go a long way.
  • Give in to the actual moment so it can pass.  Stress isn’t always bad–it can help get things done and keep life moving along.    But stress can make even the most chill of people, flip out.  So when a situation starts to feel like a tight noose around my neck, sometimes I just throw my hands up and say mercy.  It helps me to see the situation for what it is, and move on.

Two hours later, multiple phone calls and failed attempts to locate my spare key, a kind soul finally opened my car door with a jimmy-thing (proving me right about people just wanting to be helpful).  I thanked the gas station attendants and the various people that tried to help along the way and I hopped in my car, grateful to be back in action.  Let’s just say now when I leave my car, so do my keys.



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How can I get healthy? 5 simple steps to get the ball rolling

Fruit BowlDoesn’t Winter seem to bring out the slothiness in everyone? I find it so hard not to overload on comfort foods and burrow in; I end up skipping my workouts and the maddening cycle takes hold. I have to remind myself that part of that feeling is just natural–after all, we’re meant to slow down and hibernate in the Winter.  It’s a part of nature,  but tell that to those extra 5 pounds.  These are some of my (not so proud) stellar shortcuts:

  • “If I just skip breakfast, I will be able to fit into those pants”
  • “I’m too tired for the gym after work”
  • “I’ll start eating better next week”
  • “Dessert isn’t going to kill me!”

Sound familiar? 

So when Spring rolls around, the sirens go off and I start thinking about wearing a bathing suit (yikes!)  I DO know that in order to get healthy, (a new version of healthy that I really relate to and connect with) I have to be willing to do things I may have not done before, both mentally and physically.  It makes me think of that old phrase: do the same thing, get the same results.

Here are my tried and true ways to get back on the bandwagon and kick that lazy butt into gear.  They may help you too:

  1. Drink Water.  Whenever I’m kicking it back into gear to get in shape, I  just start drinking lots and lots of water.  Copious amounts.  Not only does it help hydrate my body, but it makes me feel full.  Less snacking + more water = amazing skin + a detoxed bod.
  2. Set a goal.  If there’s no target, it’s hard to hit it.  I try to set something that’s realistic like going to the gym at least 3 times a week and cutting down on the sugar.  Keep it real–I’m not dreaming about running a marathon in a month when I haven’t been running at all.  The idea is to set yourself up for success.
  3. Think from the end. Getting in shape means doing a number on my mind as much as my body.  I know I take more action from my thoughts and feelings about getting healthy when I can imagine where I want to get to.  It’s like setting a compass and letting it guide me.  I know if I work backwards from my goal, it takes the anxiety and mystery out of the whole process.
  4. Ask for help.  There is no need to go it alone (or reinvent the wheel) so I ask a friend, colleague or family member to be a support during this change.  Joining an online community like sparkpeople can be a great help too.  When someone is holding me accountable  it’s a great motivation.  Even better, I try to recruit them to take the journey with me!  There’s nothing better than a partner in crime.
  5. Keep the main thing the main thing.   I take some time each day to think about why I want to become healthier.  I meditate, but you can do something as simple as journal or have a check in with your buddy about your goals.  Even if it’s something as simple as looking stellar for a class reunion, understanding the reason for all of the effort is a great motivator when I want to ease up on the pedal and start coasting.

These are just some ideas I wanted to pass along that usually help me get started back on the road to health.  Also, here’s a free Spring Detox Guide to help jumpstart the process.  How do you get motivated when you fall off the track?  What are your tricks?  Tell me about it in the comments below.


How can I get healthy? 5 simple steps to get the ball rolling2018-03-29T20:23:29-04:00
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