What if you knew?

What if you knew

I have a postcard sitting on my art desk in my studio that says in dark letters:

“What if you knew?”

I printed it in fancy script to keep it out in plain view for the moments I need a boost.  I want to be reminded on a daily basis that life is one big mystery and I’m not always going to know the outcome.

Even though it’s all a big mystery, things tend to work out, don’t they?  And even when it feels like things aren’t going to work out, I can eventually look back and recognize that yes, actually they did.

So it’s a good reminder–that most times we just won’t know what’s going to happen.

BUT what if we knew it would be ok?  That even though we don’t know the final outcome, we can enjoy the ride?

How would you act today if you just knew the universe was going to take care of you and you didn’t need to worry?

It’s a powerful thought that can calm even the scariest of moments.  Because deep in my heart I know that it’s all going to be ok, and I hope you do, too.