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Around Here Lately: Life on Instagram

I love sharing everyday tidbits about what I'm up to over on Instagram! Follow along with me: @stephaniemartel

Whoa nelly!  It’s been a while since I’ve given an update!  There’s so much happening around here, I’m really excited to show you what’s been going on.  I’ve participated in craft shows, created a new ecourse, had an amazing baby shower + created new art.  If you want to follow along with me for more current updates, you can find me on Instagram here.  Alrighty, let’s get started!

This is just a little peek of my craft show set up to show you how my display has changed.  It’s so important to keep trying new ways to display my work to get more interest, but I’m convinced there’s not one right answer. I just try to make it inviting + warm so people will stop and take in the different images.  (And hopefully take one home for themselves!)

Come follow along with me on Instagram! www.instagram.com/stephaniemartel

Come follow along with me on Instagram! www.instagram.com/stephaniemarte

Time is flying over here! So fast, I don’t think I ever shared with my Instagram peeps that I’m pregnant (this is 32 weeks). Yep, our little butterball, baby G is expected to make an appearance on Thanksgiving. This pregnancy thing is wild! 

Come follow along with me on Instagram! www.instagram.com/stephaniemarte

Here are some midday doodles I made with the spectrum noir markers. I just got them and aside from the strong stink, the colors are beautiful!  Has anyone tried these and compared them to copic markers? Which do you like better?

Come follow along with me on Instagram! www.instagram.com/stephaniemarte

Be with those who help your being. -Rumi  New art up on the blog today! Come take a peek ???? 

Come follow along with me on instagram! www.instagram.com/stephaniemartel

I’m working on a free 5 day ecourse for you sweet people! It’s for anyone that feels like they need a personal reboot to get back in touch with who they are.   It’s low pressure, high inspiration emails with prompts to help you dig in to who you are. Everyone needs a little boost now and then, amiright? ???? Stay tuned, I’m hoping to unleash it to the world next week.

UPDATE: It’s available right here!

Digging In: a 5 day ecourse to bring you back to yourself!

Here are a few of the sweet faces that made my baby shower so special this weekend! Only 6 weeks to go, the countdown is on ????

Follow along with me on Instagram! @stephaniemartel

So there it is, folks.  For more current updates, come on over to Instagram and say hi!

Love, Steph




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Do You Love Instagram too? Take a peek at my Instagram life.

I love sharing everyday tidbits about what I'm up to over on Instagram! Follow along with me: @stephaniemartel

Lately I’ve been playing more on Instagram and I really love the simplicity of it!  It’s a micro-blogging platform that takes the pressure off of having to post something huge + meaningful, but rather I can post little snippets of my day.  And isn’t that a little more interesting for everyone?  I feel like the beauty of everyday life is in the small details, not the lightning bolts that happen once in a while.

I’m posting a few of the latest happenings over there, here on the blog so you can check it out.  If you are inspired, please follow me!  My instagram is: @stephaniemartel.  Let’s be friends 🙂

A snippet of my painting, you are my very favorite

Here’s a peek of something I’m putting in the shop soon. Who is your very favorite?  Tell them today.

Working on a small canvas is harder than it looks!

Playing on a small canvas is a lot harder than it looks! It’s good practice to get into the details though.

In class progress, before and after shots of the same painting

I love how every painting goes through phases. Acrylic paint is so forgiving, there’s always the option to cover up what I don’t like! This one is still in progress, but I like where it’s going.

Flower doodle practice, which is your favorite?

My morning doodles… Still working on flowers. ???????????? Sometimes I like them better plain and not colored in. Which one is your favorite?

New postcards in the shop

These new 4×6 postcards are going into the shop tomorrow.  They are made from heavy 16pt stock with a matte finish and rounded corners (love that). Use for a special little note to someone or frame as a sweet gift to yourself!

Getting ready for an art fair and getting the 8x10 prints ready for sale.

I’m getting my inventory ready for a craft show next weekend! ???? It’s fun to talk to others about how we all have so many different ways to express ourselves through art. I’m looking forward to connecting with people in person about living a creative life.






Do You Love Instagram too? Take a peek at my Instagram life.2018-03-29T20:23:07-04:00

Link Love + A Confirmation

Lately Around here

Wow, it’s been a busy week or so…  Thanksgiving and all that.  SO much food, SO many conversations, it’s good we have a little breather before the next holiday!  Here’s a peek into what’s been happening: First was my niece’s confirmation.   I swoon over this little lady (really, both of my nieces–check out the pink tu-tu skirt on little G!)  E totally beamed on her day–she went through the ritual with grace and ease.  She’s so beautiful inside and out ♡

Ellie confirmation

Next up was a concert to see Chris Cornell at the Count Basie Theater.  This guy has a voice like an angel!  It’s pitch perfect and goes through you like sunshine.

Chris Cornell

Aaaaand my challenge…  I couldn’t resist including it.  Lauren and I wanted to inspire YOU to show us how you’re loving your life.

It’s easy to get caught up in the compaint spiral, especially around the holidays, but we want to hear about what’s awesome and what you’re loving!  We want to see happiness in action and how the world is a better place when you’re enjoying it–show us your view!

Insta challenge

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

Link Love + A Confirmation2018-03-29T20:23:20-04:00
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