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Link Love + Orchids

Lately Around here

I’m chomping at the bit to feel the full warmth of Spring, but man!  It is taking forever for it to arrive!  This weekend was a tease with that beautiful sun, and then…. the cold temperatures tricked us all.   Total weather fail.

But that didn’t stop C and I from going for a romantic drink at a spot that overlooks the ocean.  How lucky are we?  I live at the shore and see this view a lot, but I try not to take it for granted…

Me + C

On another note,  orchids.  You GUYS!  I was so floored with the colors of the orchid C gave me for Easter last week that I’ve been totally obsessing about it.  The varying degrees of pinks and purple make my heart race; I can’t stop staring at it.  The colors send me into overdrive every morning when I look at it.

THEN.  He came home Sunday with 2 more orchids, sending me into another a tailspin.  The obsession continues!  How cool are they?!

Tigerlily orchid

There’s something very soft about the colors –they’re very specific, yet blended together…

Yellow Orchid

So pretty–right?  Here’s my whole family of orchids:

Orchid Family

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. -Marcel Proust

That quote is so, so true.  It’s quite magical how not only people, but nature makes me feel like I’m blooming.  You too?

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

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Book Review: The Fire Starter Sessions

Holy Cow!  I’m reading this book “The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte and it’s totally rocking me out.  There’s nothing more that I love than a good inspirational book and this woman has it going on!  I saw her speak at an IIN conference and liked her style–she was down to earth and easy to relate to.

You know those kind of people?

Her book is just like that except on steroids–It’s all about being yourself, finding your passion and how to not give in to societal demands/bullshit pressures that we all feel.  It’s so empowering and just plain rad, I can’t put it down!  I’ve been writing feverishly in the columns and filling out all of the worksheets–I’m constantly dreaming of how to implement her ideas.

Here’s an excerpt of her writing:

Listen to me: I’ve had thousands of conversations on variations of fulfillment and success with young adults, and old adults, and adults with arrested development just acting like adults. And I can tell you this with lucid certainty based on massive evidence of regret: Do NOT do shit just to please your parents. In fact, do not pursue anything in order to just please someone else. Ever.

You will die inside. You will grind to a slow halt and the lethargy of your spirit will weigh down your every damn day. You’ll be sleeping with someone that you don’t totally respect and utterly adore; you’ll have an artless condo full of crap from CostCo that you don’t really need; you’ll count the clock until wine time. And one day you might wake up and think to yourself: Fuck. I did this for them. Where am I?

Do you need a kick in the pants? This book might get you moving.

While we’re on the topic, what books get your fire going?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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