What Is A Neti Pot And Why You Will Love It

Have you ever seen a neti pot?  It’s all the rage in a lot of health circles.  Even Oprah and Dr. Oz agree that it’s the bomb.  I know, it looks like some sort of torturous device, but I swear this thing is pretty awesome.

I first learned about it in nutrition school, I got a neti pot as part of one of the learning modalities.  I was intrigued and horrified all at once–put this thing where?  With water and what in it?  But I kept an open mind and I’m glad I did–not to sound too melodramatic, but it changed my life.

The Neti Pot is a device used for irrigating the nasal passages.  Basically it gives the insides of your nose a shower.  Why would you want to do that?  Well especially around allergy season, it can help prevent allergens from setting up camp in your nose and wreaking havoc.

The nose is like a filter for the air you’re breathing.  Sometimes you just have to clean the filter of all the dust and pollutants.  Do you get sinus headaches?  It can help with that too.

Every winter I used to get a sinus infection.  I’m not sure if it was the dry air coupled with germs from other people’s colds or what, but it happened without fail around January or February.  So whenever I feel a tingle in my nose (that burning sensation?  like you’re going to sneeze but it never happens?) I do the neti dance.

Here’s what I do:

1) Put a little salt in the pot (from the packages it comes with)

2) Fill the pot with room temperature filtered water and give it a good swish around. (I avoid the tap because of the extra minerals that cause burning in my nostrils.)

3) I place the tip of the pot in one nostril and look down.  When my head is down, I turn my head in the direction of the nostril I am using.  I let the water trickle up my nose and come out the other nostril. (you have to breathe out of your mouth during this process)

4) Blow your nose to get rid of extra boogies and repeat with the other side.

Voila! You just gave the inside of your nose a shower!

Sometimes it feels like it’s burning and that can mean either too much salt in the pot or the angle the pot is at is irritating more than helping (sometimes the real inner part of your nose can be ultra sensitive).  I had to play around with different angles before I understood how my nose was shaped inside. Most of the time it just flows in and out and gives a nice little cleanse.

Using a neti pot is especially helpful during the Spring when the allergens kick in and I’m sneezing a lot.  1 daily rinse (takes a total of a minute) can prevent gooey eyes and a runny nose.  I usually do 1 pot total, 1/2 for each side–It’s a no-brainer!

Have you ever used a neti pot?  What has been your experience? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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