4 Easy Ways To Display Your Art Online (In 5 Minutes Or Less)

Want to know 4 easy ways to display your art online? Especially if you're a new artist, click through to read these helpful tips to get you started.

Even if you’re a multi-tasking master, there’s always more to do and let’s face it–we’re all crunched for time.  Especially if you are running a creative business/blog/website in addition to your everyday responsibilities or work!  So when you’re trying to get more eyes on your creative ventures,  it can mean working on it a little each day. And because of this, you need to make the most of your time.

I’m a huge fan of making small micro-movements towards a bigger goal to avoid overwhelm.  You too?  Great–here are some fantastic micro movements to make your creations more visible to others.  And some take less than five minutes!  Let’s get started, shall we?

Register for your own real estate

Social media is fantastic, but your know what else is fantastic?  Owning your own pictures + words.  Because when you post pictures or thoughts on social media, it’s no longer just yours. It’s Facebook’s or Instagram’s or whatever outlet you’re posting to, and they can take it for their own use or they can also just eliminate your profile altogether. #yikes So it’s important to have your own little corner of the world in the form of a website or blog to maintain your own intellectual property.  It’s as simple as buying a domain name and setting up a basic site.  Then you can post your work and your thoughts to your heart’s content without the fear of losing your information!

When you buy your name as a domain (or your company name) it’s yours forever until you let it expire or you sell it.  Even if you don’t have time to create a blog or website now, buy your name immediately so when you are ready, you have the address rarin’ to go.  Google Domains is an easy way to buy a domain and so is namecheap.  Give it a try!

Start collecting emails

When you have a list of emails, you can send your creations out to the exact audience that is interested in seeing it (otherwise, they wouldn’t sign up for your list!)  Your email can be as simple as sending a newsletter that includes images of your work, or pictures from behind the scenes of what you’re creating.  Because one of the great things about signing up for a newsletter, is learning more about the person behind it.  If your reader feels personally connected to you, they are that much more likely to share your work either on social media or in their own newsletter.

SO, in order to collect emails, you need to sign up with an Email Service Provider.  There are TONS to choose from, but I find Mad Mimi to be simple and easy to use.   They have a free option for up to 100 contacts, so you can try it out first before committing.  And you can literally create your first newsletter in under 5 minutes.

Pin your work

If you are not already on Pinterest, run don’t walk, and sign up immediately.  It’s not only a treasure trove of amazing imagery but it’s also a great way to be seen.  If you create an eye-catchy graphic and others pin it, you can boost your blog or shop views in a matter of hours.  And that can lead to more fans + sales. Hooray!

Click through to get access to my free library of helpful tools, including this worksheet on how to create a good graphic!

Join a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are having a moment right now (I have my own group for creatives if you want to check it out here).  They kind of feel like a continuous cocktail party–you can jump in and out of posting in the group when you have time and you can share your experience or opinion on topics that interest you.

There’s pretty much a Facebook group for every topic, you just need to do a little vetting to make sure it’s a community that is positive, fun and one you want to be a part of.  If you find the right group, it will not only connect you with like-minded people but it will inspire you to make more work that you can share with them on a regular basis.

So there you have it: a few easy ways to keep that sharing momentum going.  And if you’re just getting started, don’t worry about being found–just keep working on being seen.

Love, Steph

P.S. Not sure how to create those eye catchy graphics you see on Pinterest?  Get access to my resource library and download my worksheet: 5 Elements to a Good Graphic.

Click through to get access to my free library of helpful tools, including this worksheet on how to create a good graphic!