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Want To Join Me On A Journey Of Self Discovery? New Series: Getting To Know You + Me

I have had this idea that has been slowly blooming in my heart + mind over the past few months and here it finally is: a series on getting to know you + me.  It’s a weekly reflection of sorts to help you get to know yourself better (and I’m going to share, too!)

Getting To Know You + Me

Because when we know ourselves better, we make healthier + wiser decisions for our life.  When we dig in to the well of who we are, fears start to dissipate and the unknown comes into the light + becomes less scary.  When we know ourselves, it’s easier for others to know us, too, and that creates stronger bonds + connections; we feel happier.  It’s a natural human urge to want to know ourselves + others in a deep, meaningful way.

And without a doubt, there are those times when we dig in to ourselves and find that feeling of embarrassment or shame and think  “ugh, yeah that’s totally me.”  And that’s ok, we’re not perfect, nor were we meant to be.  This weekly reflection is meant to help us get to know ourselves more intimately so we can be kinder + gentler to ourselves, so we can move in the direction that our heart is calling for.  And as a result, we can help others feel comfortable to do the same.  Being around others who are unapologetically themselves feels like a contagious joyful current–It makes you feel at ease, yet alive, right?


The art of becoming yourself is contingent on knowing who you really are.  But how do you do that?  These questions I will provide each week can be a starting point.  And yes, who we are is always changing, too.  We are all works in progress but the beauty is, we can shift + adjust as we go.

So starting next week, I will post a question or statement meant to help you dig in to who you are.

You can write in your journal, post to your own blog, comment on my social media spots or talk to a friend about it.  There are so many ways to get to know yourself, but I suggest you take notes in some way because chronicling your life can be so helpful to your individual growth.

Besides, it’s fun to look back and see what you’ve reflected on or how you’ve changed + grown over time.  You’ll notice patterns both good + bad, and it will be up to you to change or adjust to your liking.

This is meant to be a fun engagement with yourself while letting others know who you are in the process.  And we’re looking at it from the view point of who you are right now–views change and we adjust to life as we go.  There’s no pressure around this journey, just curiosity.

If you want to join, share what you’re comfortable with here in comments on the blog or on social media: I’ll be posting the question to my Facebook, Instagram and Google+ accounts.  And you can use the hashtag #gettingtoknowyouandme to find others on the same journey.  Who knows?  You may make a new friend.

Can’t wait to see what you share!





Want To Join Me On A Journey Of Self Discovery? New Series: Getting To Know You + Me2018-03-29T20:23:12-04:00

The Beauty of Rituals. {How a Bridal Shower Opened My Heart.}


Rituals are a part of most growth moments. Click through to read how I had my own moment at a bridal shower and how it's changed my view of them forever.


What’s the first word you think of when you hear you’re invited to a bridal shower? The ones that come to my mind usually are: ‘ugh’, ‘boring’ and ‘I hope they’re serving wine’.  But I have to admit–I was caught off guard at a recent shower.  It was inspiring and moving in ways I didn’t anticipate.

It got me thinking about rituals and the purpose they serve in our lives. I was raised a strict catholic, so I am no stranger to rites and rituals–I can say pretty much the whole catholic mass verbatim (the old version, anyway), so I was ready for the onslaught of typical shower events.  But this shower was different;  It wasn’t so much about the pomp +circumstance (it was a display shower! How cool is that?!), but it was more about blending families and having fun.

It reminded me that rituals are actually pretty cool.  They’re about the progression of life–being present as we shed the old and embrace the new.  With a ritual, we share our transition and move forward to a new phase of our lives; It’s presence + love + growth in action.  

Because rituals are the markers we use to recognize our growth; it’s how we distinguish one life event from the next. And the tribe we share it with, helps us through that transition. They support us as we say, I’m changing and I want you to see how.

From this experience, I realized my view of showers had been a tad immature: from the outside, these events often felt a little boring and repetitive. But maybe it was just me; because if I was paying attention, I would have seen past the gifts + cake + games. I would have appreciated the day for what it was: a gathering of a tribe.

It got me thinking about my own personal milestones and the people who have carried me through them: family, friends and even strangers helping me to that next step of life.  I have been blessed by gentle souls ushering me through my own journey and yet I often took it for granted.  Now I understand why my mom was so adamant about a sweet 16 party for me (when I could care less); she wanted to move me along to adulthood and  wanted the people in my life to support that growth, too.

At the end of the shower, I was a little sad to leave the happy bubble. Maybe it was just the sparkle of the sun or me enjoying my new perspective, but I carried that warmth with me for the next couple of days. That’s the great thing about rituals–the things you look at can change in an instant, all you have to do is be open to seeing them differently.





The Beauty of Rituals. {How a Bridal Shower Opened My Heart.}2018-03-29T20:23:17-04:00

The secret to connecting with others. {It’s why we’re here}

Introvert or extrovert, we all need to connect with others to feel fulfilled. Read more to find out the key to this connection.

Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends. -Hafiz

I went to whole foods for lunch the other day and a woman started a conversation with me at the salad bar.  It was light and breezy–she wanted to tell me about the amazing hummus I was putting in my salad container.  She. was. excited!  She knew I was going to love it! Her sweet and genuine nature was refreshing; It was nice to talk to a random stranger in the supermarket and connect on something as simple as hummus.

It’s natural to connect. And it feels good.

So why does it seem like it happens less as we get older?  What part of maturing means closing off?  The everyday grind can become so isolating even when we have the opportunity to interact with others. Do we get more cautious and standoff-ish as we get older?

Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives.  It’s such a basic notion, but we easily forget it.  Our ties create an understanding of the bigger picture. We relate to each other through even the slightest commonalities–that’s why we cry at TV commercials (I do, anyway) and we cringe when we see tragic accidents.  We can relate.  We are connected by common feelings.

Still, connection is a funny thing.  We all have a deep desire for those bonds, but actually opening up to make them happen can be challenging because the key to connection is vulnerability.

It’s about putting yourself out there and exposing who you are so others can relate to you. As a general rule, humans mostly seek comfort.  So reaching out to others (especially those we don’t know) can be very uncomfortable.  It can be scary to go out on that limb but the payoff to showing who you truly are, is worth it.

Because when we don’t connect, after a while, it causes suffering.


No one wants to be alone. We all want to be a part of some kind of tribe; It’s how we’re wired.

Growing up with an outgoing mother and a shy father, I find I can often ping-pong between introvert and extrovert.  Some days I’m bashful and don’t make a lot of eye contact; I just want to be in my own world.  Other days I’m smiling at everyone and striking up conversations with random strangers (hey there hummus lady!)  I’m comfortable with both because I’m honoring my feelings; but I do notice that when I attempt to connect with others (and push myself out the comfort zone), I just feel better.  I feel less alone.

Our purpose is mainly to connect with ourselves + as a result, connect with others.

It’s where the joy lies.

How are you connecting today?


The secret to connecting with others. {It’s why we’re here}2018-03-29T20:23:26-04:00
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