Comparison is the thief of joy. {Don’t do it.}

you-are-more-than-awesome-you-re-amazingYOU ARE AMAZING.  Has anyone told you that lately?   You are amazing.  There is no one else in this world like you.  You are unique and beautiful and simply divine.

 There is a very special, very specific genius about you.  You have a very unique set of talents and skills; whether you hide them or show the world, is up to you. And I know showing up can be scary at times.

I remember when I was starting my abstract painting class a few years ago.  It’s full of adult painters that have been painting for quite sometime.  They all have a specific style, they know how to begin on a blank canvas (that can be tricky), and they know what to do for inspiration when they get stuck.

I remember the incredible frustration I felt during the first couple of months of class–I felt clumsy and foolish (I still do some days).  Learning something new as an adult can be downright painful at times.

I wanted so badly to paint what I was imagining in my head, but the translation from mind to canvas was just. not. happening.  I would look around and see how awesome the other paintings were and how badly my work sucked.

Comparing myself to others felt like a heavy weight in my heart because something that was supposed to be fun, had become a struggle.  That competitive instinct started to kick in and it didn’t feel good.  After all, I was taking this class to relax and explore my creativity; not to be the ‘best painter’ and earn a gold star.


So, I had a serious pep talk with myself.

I vowed that when I looked around the class, I would make myself see opportunities.  Instead of getting frustrated with what they were doing (and I was not), I promised I would make myself see the many techniques that I could copy and learn from.  My classmates were years ahead of me in training.  It was silly to think that I would catch up to them in a few months!

See, that’s the thing–when we compare ourselves to others, we don’t know where they are on the path.  We could be comparing our beginning steps to the middle of their journey;  It’s like comparing apples to sneakers.

When I reframed it from that beginner’s mind, I began to relax and find my own style.  When I stopped the comparison game, the very thing I was seeking had room to grow and show itself.  I just needed to get out of my own way.

There’s always going to be someone smarter and more successful than you because people don’t grow at the same pace, at the same time.  And that’s a good thing–we need others to inspire us, to show us what can be done. Just try to avoid the comparison game; it’s self defeating and only succeeds in stunting your growth.

Resist the urge to compare your insides to someone else’s outside.

It’s a losing battle and the view always looks better looking in.

Let go of the comparisons and dig in to your brilliance.  The world is waiting for you.