Link Love + A Hike

Lately Around here

I feel like a different person lately since the weather has started to warm up. You too? There are signs of Spring everywhere and it makes me so incredibly happy to see those colorful blooms peeking through. I felt like winter would never end and alas, I think it finally has.

This weekend C and I went for an awesome hike in Hartshorne Woods. It was like we were in a different world–parts of the trail brought us deep into the brush and all we heard were birds chirping away. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating, even when the woodpecker went to town. It reminded me that I need to get out in nature more— connecting with the trees and the birds and the earth beneath my feet makes me feel so grounded. It just revives my heart and lulls me into a calm space. Here are some pictures from the day…

sign + us

Evidence that Spring has sprung!

Me + buds

How cute are those hearts?  I loved seeing that on the trail.

Hearts + trail

Want to join me on the hike?  Here’s about 20 seconds worth:

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

I just finished reading this book–it was truly one of the best books I’ve read in a while!  The Language of Flowers.

Need some motivation for your creativity?  The answer may be to simplify:  Here’s How The World’s Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days.

What would happen if you only said yes when you really want to?

I’m always fascinated with food hacks.  Who knew those lines on the solo cup meant something?!

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world on a yacht?  I have!  And now we can.