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Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about

We are all artists creating our life. What are you intentionally manifesting today? Click through for other quick inspiration.

We are all artists in our own way, creating everyday.  Whether we realize it or not, each word, action + thought is moving us closer or farther away from what we want.

Inside you there really is an artist.

And I know this idea can be scary because it makes us realize that we are the master of our universe–taking responsibility for things that happen in life can be a tough pill to swallow!  But if we start looking at it like an amazing gift, to be able to navigate our own destiny, it becomes pretty exciting.

What are you creating in your life today?






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Hanging Out With Mad Mimi {My First Artist Interview!}

I’m so excited to share my interview on  “Hanging out with Mad Mimi” with you!  I sat down with Mira (who is a total sweetheart, by the way) to have a conversation about my art journey + how I am figuring it all out along the way.  I loved the theme that kept showing up through the whole conversation: staying open in any new adventure is so important.

I have always dabbled a little in art through my life, but didn’t make it a priority as an adult until a few years ago. It was as simple as googling for art classes in my area, finding an abstract acrylics class + taking the leap to show up.  Being consistent with this class and making my joy for art a priority brought me to where I am today.  Sometimes it’s as simple as ‘sticking with it’ to get where I want to go.

You guys, this was the first time I sat down with someone to talk about my personal art journey and it was so exhilarating!   And after talking to Mira, it was amazing to see how far I’ve come.  Reflection on my journey has made me appreciate my courage + made me excited about what is next.  I try to always remember that My art + I are a work in progress.

We dove into some great topics that I’m sure you can relate to, especially if you’re embarking on something new as an adult:

  • Dealing with failure
  • Finding your joy vehicle
  • Being true to who you are
  • Letting go of the feeling that it’s been done before (because it hasn’t been done by you!)
  • Ways to handle the imposter syndrome
  • Staying open
  • How you can get started on your journey of becoming more yourself

Take a peek below at the full conversation, hope you enjoy it!







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Link Love + Spring

Lately Around here

The beauty of this weekend’s weather snuck into my heart and exploded.  It was a tad bit windy yesterday but WOW, the sunshine and all of the beautiful blooming happening?  Held me captive everywhere I went.  Here are some of the views:

city view

Deal Lake

sky view(HDR)

cherry blossoms

cherry tree

I couldn’t resist a hug from my favorite tree. They only bloom for 2 weeks or so!

me and the cherries

And just for fun, a shot of my ‘studio’ also known as my living room.

studio view

How was your weekend?

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

How to be an artist.  Because you can!

Kindness can be as light as speech or as invisible as inaction.  Your kindness is good for you.

Humans of New York: If you’ve never seen this blog, you MUST check it out now.  And here’s some background on the guy who runs it: Brandon Stanton.

The inspiration of Fingal’s Cave.

If you didn’t think animals can smile, check this out: A man and his pigs.  


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