Do what you canThere Are So Many Things To Be Happy About. {Here Are Mine.}

I recently took a look at the big picture of my life.  The main thing I noticed?  There’s a lot to be happy about.  I zoomed out from looking at the minutiae of everyday life + those details that weigh me down from seeing the big picture–it was such a good lesson to recognize the amazing treasures that exist in my world.

I would love to say that recognizing the parts of my life that I am happy about, makes me feel accomplished and whole: but ah, the contrary, my friend.  There is so much more I want to do… Read More


Joy is what happens to usDon’t Delay Your Joy. {My Life Lesson From a Baby Ruth.}

I have a pretty fantastic sweet tooth. Candies, cookies, cakes? I love them all.  I grew up in a house where fruit loops didn’t exist and white bread was junk food–we ate shredded wheat and whole grain bread, so that may explain some of my sugar obsession.

As a kid, Halloween felt like pre-Christmas.   And I was surprisingly disciplined about eating my loot–I rationed it so I could extend my sugar happiness as long as possible… Read More


sunriseLink Love + Slowing Down

This weekend I tried to slow down.  Sounds easy enough, right? But for someone who’s constantly on the go, making lists, checking things twice, it can be a real challenge.  I know that slowing down is the best thing for me to do, especially when I start to feel overwhelmed… Read more




Art In Progress: Trust The Magic

Art In Progress

So here’s the beginning–I was obsessed with that aquamarine blue color as a child and something about it makes my heart leap a little, still.  I always liked the “blue-green” color in the crayola box (not to be mistaken for green-blue, of course).  The things you remember from childhood are so funny.  I just threw some colors on the canvas to get something going… Read More






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