What a week!  On Thursday I saw Motown on Broadway with my sister.  The story was a little thin, but the MUSIC!  It knocked our socks off.  Heading back to the train after, I was shocked at how lively NYC can be–even at 11pm. (Well, it was Times Square, but still.)


I have been wanting to try Seed to Sprout for some time and I was not disappointed!  C and I went for lunch on Friday and we both agreed that it was downright awesomeness.  I got the sweet potato/pumpkin soup, brown rice bowl with marinated greens/veggies/sauerkraut/tahini dressing and an iced mate latte.  The drink was to die for–I’m going to try to duplicate it at home–yerba mate tea, hemp milk, a little agave and a splash of cinnamon.  YUM!

seed to sprout

Um, the zombie walk?  Yeah, I was there.  I didn’t get dressed up, but man was it fun watching everyone walk around like the un-dead!  They were trying to beat the world record of zombies in one place and they did, with 9592 in attendance.  Some of my favorites are below:

zombie stacked

zombie solo

grid zombie

Link Love

Some of my favorites around the web for this week…

Banksy strikes again!   NYC will be his canvas for the next month.

Kindness is magic: Ricky Gervais trades his snarkiness for a new kind of show.

This may be the solution to end email overload forever!

You are the master of the energy you radiate.  Even when you’re surrounded by turkeys.

You don’t need to know how to do it, you just need to start.  





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