Well this weekend was a bit of a bust.  I was in bed for most of it with an amazingly delbilitating sinus infection that involved a fever and a rash; I’m kind of stubborn when it comes to conventional medication–I prefer to try my natural remedies first.

I was doing the neti pot dance, guzzling apple cider vinegar (the raw kind) and popping amino acids and vitamins like candy.  I’m happy to say it DID work, but after the 2nd night, I caved and took Nyquil before bed.  That stuff is worth it’s weight in gold!!  So the pictures are slim, but here are a few below.

Happy Fall!  Did you see the harvest moon? (forgive the bad photo, I took it from my parking lot)


I crawled out of bed Sunday to check out the Yoga Festival by the Sea.  There were about 500 yogis doing 108 sun salutations to raise money for various charities.  (It’s a part of the Global Mala event.)  It was such an inspiring and uplifting scene on a beautiful Sunday….

Yoga Mala

After everyone worked up an appetite (and I just watched), we headed over for some eats at Porta.   It was a perfect way to wrap up the weekend!


Link Love

Happy Fall!  The Autumnal Equinox started things off yesterday.

What a great gift idea, so you never forget!

GMOs (AKA “Frankenfood”) won’t pass the cost of food labeling on to the consumer.  Hooray.

Are you too connected to your gadgets?  Is it time to shut down for a bit?

Does the neti pot really work? (It certainly works for me but here’s some Web MD for ya.)