This weekend C and I celebrated one year of dating.  Hooray! It may not sound like much, but for two strong minded adults who have never been married, compromise and putting the relationship first is a real accomplishment.  This year of dating him has been so much fun and inspiring and challenging in ways that are so, SO worth it.

We celebrated with a romantic dinner in the city at Lydia Bastianich’s Becco–even though the food wasn’t quite as great as we expected, the time together was perfect.  Here’s to another year of togetherness!


Here are some sites I saw along the way….



Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

This movie, OMG GMO was so beautifully shot and touching to watch.  If you’re curious about your food and how GMOs are a part of it, this is a must see.

I just LOVE the idea of Monk Mode!!

 An interesting take on choices and pursuing achievement. (It includes pole dancing.)

Referring to a premier chess player as an athlete (mathlete?) was fascinating to me.  Here’s the guy who could be the next Bobby Fisher.

Dreams do come true!  The touching story of Batkid and how he became a super hero for a day.