Fall is full of so many awesome things!  Pumpkin flavored everything, (including the best and worst pumpkin treats) a harvest moon, cool nights to cuddle and beautiful changing foliage.  The full moon usually brings out the crazy, but everyone seemed pretty mellow this week.  Here are some images from my week:


I loved the lanterns at Watermark, so bohemian and mellow–and the subtle glow inside was perfect for a chill night.

watermark 2

The colors of the season are what really get me… the rainbows we see in nature are so amazing!  Here are a few I captured (and a shot of C’s Pumpkin alter!)



Link Love

Some of my favorites around the web for this week…

These pictures are amazing!  The real-life jungle book childhood of Tippi Degre.

The anatomy of why Doritoes are just so.darn.tasty.

Can an extra hour of sleep change your health?  Apparently so.

This list of things women should stop doing is pretty accurate–let’s build self esteem rather than always pushing it down.

Here are some images of the Hunter’s Moon–did you know there was also a lunar eclipse?