Asbury was on fire this weekend!  Literally, it was so hot it felt like the whole city was up in flames. A morning bike ride on Saturday included some interesting slack liners (I know it’s hard to see in the top picture), a cappucino for C from the Biscuit and a free body scan on the boardwalk for skin cancer. Score! (And we walked away feeling good about our clean skin bill of health)

Morning ride

Later on, the moon was full, and it felt like one of those hot summer nights.  We met up with some friends (old and new) and enjoyed the beautiful sky.  The hot weather dampened our brow, but not our spirits!

Porta fun

Link Love

The Royal Baby Watch. Of course!

My cousin’s passion project. Art + motorcycle afficianados = cool crowd.

I’m grateful to live in a country that doesn’t jail me for reporting a rape. 

How the softness of women can move the world. Do you act like a dude sometimes too?