This weekend was all about chilling out, visiting with friends, slowing down and taking a break.  And what do you do most when you’re chilling out?  EAT, of course!

I took a picture of some of my ‘cocktails’ for the weekend.  The Synergy Kombucha is one of my favorites–good for you and tastes good too.

My blender broke on Thursday while I was making my morning smoothie (yikes!!), so I got myself a new hyper powered Ninja that should blend just about anything.  Giddy up.

Last but not least, I found vegan ice cream at Cookman Creamery.  Oh my.  It was fantastic: mint chocolate chip, made with coconut milk…I think I’m in love.


Here are a few pictures from my trip to Ptown on Friday to visit my sister.  We had a leisurely lunch and good talk, it was a lovely afternoon.  The scenery at that place never fails to take my breath away…


I captured a nice moment with my beautiful friend H on Saturday; isn’t she pretty?  I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the amazing weather that day. The puffy clouds reminded me of cool fall days to come…

Weather and H

Link Love

I have to say, some of these ideas were pretty clever: 35 lifechanging ways to use everyday objects.

Even Steve Jobs studied Yoga.

Mr Rogers and cultivating the garden of your mind (I loved this remix!)

Pro NFL player Arian Foster wants his daughter to know these things.

Shame is lethal.  I love Brene Brown and all of gentle her wisdom.