Lately Around here

Have you ever been on a staycation?  I took one recently and I’m now a convert.  I never saw the attraction because I felt like I would just get caught up in everyday life and not give myself a chance to unwind.  But I set an intention to just relax for five days and boy, did I…

beach with hat

beach chair

An early morning selfie in total relaxation mode.

couple selfie

One of the many feasts on the staycation.  What’s better than homemade food and a little wine?



I caught some of the big sky at a local fair and felt like a kid again–I rode my bike there, got a slice of pizza and caught some high schoolers making out on a bench.  Total surburban living (and loving it).

Big Sky

This buddha in our backyard was my birthday present from Chris and it took my breath away.  The flower garland around the neck is my favorite part–I love, love, love the calmness of the whole scene.


We had a family pizzafest on the beach to ring in my next year. (Hi, Liv!)

Sister Selfie

And I (almost) mastered the SUP Board.

Sup Board

Life is so very sweet.

Link Love

Some of my favorite links around the web this week:

I’m in love with the commentary on an article about how we make it seem like our lives take no effort–the “I woke up like this” effect.  Because we all know you have a personal chef and trainer, Gwyneth.

Kindness is not a joke.

Are you tired of dating?  You’re not alone.  And there’s hope!

For all of you fellow bloggers out there, here are 100 blog topics for your business.  You’re welcome.

Be a better artist by being an interested artist.




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