Last night in class, I had an experiment with inks.  I’ve always wanted to try them on their own and someone happened to leave a bunch behind in the classroom, so I ‘borrowed’ them for the night.  Thank you art fairies!

The colors were intense on the palette, but their consistency was very fluid and watery compared to the tube acrylics.  Inks are applied with a dropper, so it’s best to mix them up on the palette first and then go from there.  I did go a little rogue and try to apply them straight to the canvas and…weeeee!  It produced a very satisfying, vibrant spot of color.

It was fun to play with them and see how they moved when they were watered down or when mixed with other colors…

pink montage

Here’s the first piece I worked on.  I loved the colors that came together, but I want to apply something a little more opaque for the next round and add a little collage.  It has a pretty wash look to it,  but up close it looks more like watercolors than acrylics.


And here’s another one I started last night.  It was easy to make a lot of progress with the two pieces because of how free the paints felt and moved off of the brush; I even added a stamp in the mix.  It was a great change from my usual heavy handed-application and it showed me how to create a lighter, gentler background to start with.


Link Love

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