The fourth of July makes me feel like the summer is half over, even though it feels like it just began.  My holiday weekend was full of lazy days and good food~ what more could you ask for?

I just loved the colors of these flowers!  There’s a little honeybee in the bottom right corner–can you see him? I was so happy to see this since learning about beemageddon.

single flower

C and his cousin out for a ride in Asbury, John is in town from Turino, Italy. Ciao!


The culinary delights of C.  Thank god the man loves to cook! (Because I love to eat)



I had to give him some extra lovin’ for that delicious meal.


We watched the fireworks from the rooftop!  I love the color of the sky in this picture.

night sky 2

Hope you had a relaxing 4th, too.  Happy Independence to you 🙂