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There’s always something to be happy about in life, no matter what is going on.  But what happens during those times when you hit a mental roadblock and can only see the hurdles? We’ve all been there–that place where it seems like there’s nothing but grey skies and rain headed your way…but fear not, friend!  I have a few simple things to share with you that will get your mind back to thinking blue skies and sunshine daydreams.

Here are a few tricks I use, maybe they’ll help you, too:

1. It sounds simple, but stop looking at the down side. You can find a drawback to everything, even winning the lottery! But what you focus on will grow, so don’t accentuate what you want to change.  Put a kabash on those negative thoughts.

2. Practice loving the silver lining. Thinking positively is actually a habit you can develop.   I promise it’s not that hard!  The trick is this: when you find yourself going down the doom and gloom road, take a detour and mentally put on the brakes.  You can say things to yourself like, “that’s not what I want to focus on” or “that isn’t true to me” and head on over to a sunnier thought.  Stop (the thought), drop (the negativity) and roll (with a better viewpoint).

3. Remember that everything changes. If you DO find yourself stuck in a rut  you can’t get out of, have no fear–nothing lasts forever. One of my favorite things my mom always said to me is, ‘this too shall pass’.  It’s a great reminder that life is always changing, no matter what.  Knowing that simple fact makes it easier to pick up those helpful habits again later when the storm passes.

4. Give yourself an out. We all have crappy days, amiright?  And admitting that can sometimes make it easier to just feel the stink and then move on from it.  It can be as simple as saying to yourself “I feel like crap”.  That small confession can release the tension and start you on the path to a better mood.

5. Connect with someone else. There’s no better way to change your perspective than to ask for a little boost from a friend. Everyone knows what it feels like to be on the road to misery so it wouldn’t be hard for a buddy to relate to your situation + help you steer your thoughts in a different direction. That’s what friends are for!

It’s natural to hit that proverbial wall from time to time, so it’s more helpful to have a plan in place when you do. Don’t let those doomsday thoughts rule your moment–get in tune with what’s happening and change your view in an instant with these simple steps.  And remember: every storm eventually passes.

Love, Steph



P.S. Stay positive + dig in to your best self

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