Happiness is not one big thing


This is a reminder to all of you out there that need a little boost.  It’s easy to think (and wish!) that happiness comes and perches on our shoulder and never leaves, but we all know there’s an ebb and flow to life; happiness is a part of that ebb and flow.  If we were happy all of the time, how would we ever truly appreciate it?

Happiness is a habit.  We must cultivate the feeling of being happy by doing, saying + thinking in positive ways.  Want to become happier?  Start hanging around happier people: it’s contagious.  And the opposite is true as well: be careful of those emotional vampires.  Surround yourself with people that raise you up.

As a special gift to my readers, I’m offering an inspirational PDF to print out and hang up for happy-inducing times.  It fits on an  8.5×11 sheet of paper and will be a bright reminder on even the grumpiest of days!

Click here for your Happiness PDF






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