I went to a cool Farmer’s Market this weekend where there was more than your average vegetable selling going on.  There were prepared food, crafts, clothes, jewelry and art–It was inspiring on so many levels!

Here’s the first thing I saw: a table of terrariums.  It’s like bringing the outside world in; How cool is that?  If you want to make your own terrarium, here are instructions step by step.



Talk about inspiring, here was a father creating his art and his son was drawing right next to him!  They were both intense on their creations, I loved seeing that connection they share.




From Seed to Sprout represented with some beautiful organic fruit, scones and leafy greens (oh my!)  It was certainly good motivation to get my butt over to their vegan eatery in Avon.


leafy greens


Lastly, we met the owner of Jar Goods.  She told an inspiring story of how she jumped ship from the corporate world and started her own company to create a better life for her and her child.  Her first product is this delicious red sauce (it was her father’s recipe).  See that woman peeking out in the back?  That’s her mom helping out!  Sweet family love.

chris jar

How was your weekend?