SneakersI’ll admit it, I practically live out of my car.  It’s kind of a source of embarrassment because at any given time you can find a pair of shoes, a random book and a food wrapper of some sort.  Because I am always ‘on the go’, that means I am also eating on the go.  A LOT. 

I try to keep my healthy eating habits in the front of my mind: drink water as much as I can, keep processed foods to a minimum, eat small meals/snacks throughout the day (I’m a grazer), and watch the sugar intake.

I would love to say it’s easy as pie to follow these tips, but every so often I stray from what I know is good and opt for the instant gratification that is not always good for me.

The best part about being on the run all of the time is that I can use the variety of food choices available in different stores and restaurants.  Whole foods and Deans Natural Market are my 2 go-to’s.  I know that if I need something fast, I can count on them for nutritious options.

When I’m really out of range, I go for the Subway veggie patty.  It’s full of vegetables (but it’s not vegan) and it’s quick, delicious option.  I found a list of healthy store alternatives for when you’re on the go.

What are some of the eating tricks you use when you are on the run?  Do you have a go-to snack or meal that gets you through those tricky times?  Tell me about it in the comments below.


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