Getting To Know You + Me

This series is about getting to know you + me.  It’s a reflection of sorts to help you get to know yourself better (and I’m going to share, too!)  When we know ourselves better, it’s easier for others to know us, too, and that creates stronger bonds + connections.  As a result, we feel happier.

Here’s how it works:  I’ll be posting a question here on the blog and you can share your answer in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #gettingtoknowyouandme .  The cool part is that you can use the hashtag to find others on the same journey.  Who knows?  You may make a new friend.

GTKYM Change your life

As soon as I thought of this question, I knew my answer: get more organized.  I feel like I’m always playing catch up by trying to implement the latest organizational technique, but none of them stick!  I feel like if I could get a system going that works for me and stick to it, I’d be less stressed and have more free time;  Then I won’t be wasting time worrying about what I have to do.  I have found that the simpler something is, the more I am prone to stick with it.  I need to explore that a little deeper.

For example: I just discovered Google Keep.  This application is ridiculously simple–just a bunch of tiles that you can move around containing lists of whatever you want.  It’s total genius for me because I can make a grocery list, favorite songs to listen to, punch list for the week, etc.  And even better?  I can access it on my phone and my laptop.  Since it’s synced through google, all I have to do is type in the info I want and everything is automatically saved.  Total Score.

Now with that said, that’s only a small part of my life that helps me get a tad bit more organized.  What I really need help with is figuring out a way to keep my car clean (it’s a total pig sty), how to change my clothes management system so they don’t pile up on my dresser and ottoman, figure out a way to get more blog posts in my back up arsenal,  I could go on and on… But I have a feeling if I could get some of the big stuff into an easy-to-use system, the smaller things would fall into place.

Do you have a system that keeps you organized and your life humming along like a finely tuned instrument?  Please tell me in the comments below– I need to know about it!





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