Thinking of making a change? Take it slow. Personal growth is a process of small changes over time, don't rush it!


I was on the treadmill at the gym the other day and there was a woman next to me commiserating with her friend.  She was talking about the new diet she was on and how horrible it was because she couldn’t eat anything white–bread, pasta, sugar etc.

She sounded miserable–she wasn’t losing weight because she was overloading on other things to fill her white food void.   When did our eating habits become so stinkin’ complicated?  There are so many diets out there–and they’re all trying to tell us that there is one great way to solve all of our weight and health issues.

I was thinking about the times in my life when I gained weight–the freshman 15, some rough spots with relationships, family tragedy–they all put my eating habits into a tailspin.  I’m not one of those people that ‘starves depression’; I feed it numb.  But I eventually came out of the chocolate cake haze to get moving back into a healthier direction.  And it always reminded me of the basic premise I know about eating:

Diets don’t work.

Actually, no kind of deprivation works– it eventually comes back around with a vengence, right?  I have found when I am totally off the rails in my life, the best way to get back to basics is to identify the areas that are not just not working.  Whether it’s food patterns, a relationship or just stupid behaviors that are getting in the way of me being my best.  I try to think about the habits that are making me swim, rather than sink.

What feels great?  What is good for me that feels great?  Whether it’s my poor sleeping habits, my PMS munchfests or skipping my workouts, even making a slight change to any of them will get me moving back in the right direction.

The best advice I got with getting back to the middle was: start slow.

Change takes time girlfriend! And I know If I jump in with guns-a-blazin’, let’s do this thing NOW attitude, I tend to burn out faster because it’s just plain overwhelming to take on a lot of change all at once.

Remember the turtle? Slow and steady wins the race.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask for help.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I have to remind myself that all of my bad habits won’t change in one day either.  I try not to be the hero—I reach out and ask for help or support.  It makes me feel less like a loner and more like the amazing, constantly changing person I am.

And guess what?  There are other people going through the exact same thing.  It feels better when I find someone else who feels the same way I do.  I feel more connected and like I’m not alone in this.  And guess what?  Neither are you.


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