Getting To Know You + Me

This series is about getting to know you + me.  It’s a reflection of sorts to help you get to know yourself better (and I’m going to share, too!)  When we know ourselves better, it’s easier for others to know us, too, and that creates stronger bonds + connections.  As a result, we feel happier.

Here’s how it works:  I’ll be posting a question here on the blog and you can share your answer in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #gettingtoknowyouandme .  The cool part is that you can use the hashtag to find others on the same journey.  Who knows?  You may make a new friend.


Getting To Know You + Me

It seems like being spontaneous is such a whimsical, sexy trait.  And I feel like part of me is capable of being spontaneous at times.  But for reals?  I’m a planner.

I LOVE to plan–I love to think a given situation out, work on each detail so I can thwart any complications before they come up.  I find that when I do this, I am more relaxed and can enjoy each moment more.  I don’t have to worry about a lot of snafus (other than the inevitable ones you can’t control no matter what.)

I’ve realized spontaneity works best for me when I don’t have time to think about it.  I guess that’s what spontaneity is #duh, but if it’s sprung on me, I can go along like a champ.  It’s fun to let go of control and ride the wave of a new plan when my gut says go.  Because it’s all about trusting my gut–I can be spontaneous when it feels right but if the feels right part isn’t there, I can’t jump on that train.

What about you?  Are you a hard core planner too, or can you often throw caution to the wind?






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