Art In Progress: See how I create Inspirational art for kids + the kid in you. To learn about art technique + my motivation for creating this piece, click through for a peek. See how paintings evolve from start to finish! Original artwork by Stephanie Martel.

This piece turned out a lot different than it started.  And that’s true with a lot of things in life, yes?  We have a certain idea as to where we want to end up, and the twists and turns of life lead us off into a new direction.  Something I’ve learned from painting is to just go with the flow.  Some of the best ‘mistakes’ I’ve made have led me to a place of true happiness and fulfillment.

So I started this one with just throwing some color on the canvas.  There’s something I love about orange and hot pink together–the vibrancy of the colors get my heart racing.  I used a brayer for the dot-looking things and I used a toothy-comb thing to create the lines.




I wanted to add some contrast, so in went the drips, some teal stamping and little black around the edges.


Birdie 2


At this point I realized a grid was appearing so I softened it up with a little white and light blue.  It’s all about the feeling I get when I look at it–if it seems too harsh, I soften it up. If everything is blending, I try to create some contrast to make it more interesting.  It’s all about finding the right balance.


Birdie 3


I collaged in the bird and some accents.  (I really love collage, it feels like I’m adding a whole other dimension.)


Birdie 4


And then I stamped in the sentiment.  I love the idea that we’re all born with our own special talents that can take us wherever we want to go; it’s all about following your heart and listening to those calls.  We were meant to fly.


You were born with wings FINAL


I’m done with it for now, but may add some doodling adornments in a bit, I want to sit with it for a while.


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