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I have been on a painting tear lately and that really makes my heart sing. I’m trying to paint, paint, paint to get enough pieces to open my Etsy Store. It’s so important that we do things in life that make us genuinely happy. And it’s inspiring to have a goal to work towards! My creative intensity is ramped up and I’m super excited.

I’m a newbie to the online marketplace so even though there’s a lot of trial and error happening over here, it’s fun to learn new things and fumble about a bit–it reminds me that everything is ‘figureoutable”.

This piece is called “Follow Your Heart”. I don’t have the metamorphosis from the very,very beginning, so I’m starting kind of in the middle (sawwy!) It has some collage elements as you can see below and I just felt like the colors weren’t gelling– the piece was still trying to find its way. My days can feel like that sometimes too: full of potential but I’m not sure where it’s going yet.

Follow your heart 1

I added some more collage elements and a wash of color to bring it together a bit.  I think the reddish glow gave it a happier look and pulled the tones in from the corners.  A thin layer over things can make a big difference.

Follow your heart 3

And then hey there!  A girl appears.  I created her by gesso-ing the canvas and colored her in with oil color sticks.  I’m still getting the hang of them, I’m not sure they’re my thing.  I had to get turpentine and remove the one eye because I screwed it up.  Oops.  Anyway, acrylics seem easier and I can layer better, but the verdict is still out because the oils give a softer hue.

Follow your heart 4

She’s starting to take shape, I love the collage of her dress.  Turns out the oils didn’t work so well on this one so I switched to back acrylics for her face and hair.

Follow your heart 6

Some fun with stamps and the sentiment (as well as some flowers) bring it together:

you are loved finalShe makes me happy because she looks like a little angel.  We should all listen to our angels telling us to follow our heart everyday!  Life would be a lot easier, no?

Hope you enjoyed this peek behind the brush…


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