How was your weekend? Mine was full of whimsy.

Saturday morning I went to an outdoor yoga class at my friend Lauren’s house.  Have you ever done yoga outside?  It’s an amazingly different way of practicing.  The cool breeze and partial cloudiness set a perfect backdrop to get my asana on.  It was one of those brisk spring mornings when the change from winter was still happening.  I love those mornings.

Feeling the ground under my feet (and mat) gave a different meaning to tree pose and crescent moon.  There’s just something magical about doing a back bend and reaching up for the open sky.

Here is a picture of our sweet spot:

Outdoor yoga

Lauren’s house was full of awesome little nuggets.  On the patio, I saw this set up for lighting the table: a wrought iron chandelier (it holds real candles!)  Can you see it?  I know it blends in with the greens behind it.  There was a rope hung from the tree and then the chandelier was clipped to it, creating instant ambience.  I was totally wowed by this simple decoration because it brought an intangible warmth to her outside vibe.

backyard table

The second part of the weekend was a wedding–who doesn’t love a good wedding?

I don’t know if it’s witnessing the eternal pledge for love or just the fun party atmosphere, but there’s so much to enjoy about going to one.

The latest craze is to have a photo booth and boy did we have fun with that!

Photo Booth Babes

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.