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  • Choose happiness

Art In Progress: Choose Happiness

This piece was a looonnnng time coming because I had this background in my closet for at least a year before I put a girl on it.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep [...]

  • I made my first acrylic painting demonstration and it was so much fun! Short and sweet, click through to check it out.

Acrylic Painting Demonstration #1

I LOVE watching painting demos online.  Just ordinary everyday artists in the groove, making it happen--it's fun to watch because  I love seeing new techniques, hearing their commentary and listening to how they end up [...]

  • Join the fun challenge of creating for the sake of fun! No pressure, just supportive creatives cheering you on to keep practicing your craft. Click through for more details.

20 Minutes Of Creating Challenge

Painting and collaging and playing with my supplies have been my favorite thing to do for a looong time now.  In my down time, it's always been such a great way to unwind and get [...]

  • Want a peek into the creative process I use? Click through to read more--It may help you discover your own.

The Creative Process: What Works For Me

Does the creative process elude you?  I remember when I started taking my painting class, my teacher spoke about his creative process and how it was an integral part of producing actual work.  Because let's [...]